Jatbula Trail Sleeping

Jatbula Trail Sleeping

All the gear is spread out in the lounge room at home – and it looks like a lot. What gets to come along and what gets put back in the garage? Getting a good night sleep on any trail is a pretty high priority, so it makes sense to plan what sleeping gear to take along. On the Jatbula Trail everyone has to carry their own gear and most packs end up 12-15 kg’s.

Most people opt for a lightweight single/double hiking tent or a mozzie dome and an inflatable matress.

In the hotter months having a tent that has really good airflow, or that is mesh with a removable fly will give you the best nights sleep. In the earlier part of the season the fly is important as rain is a possibility. During the Dry season months rain is a rarity and a lot of people only take a blow up camping mattress and sleeping bag.

Some campsites have the occasional mozzie which can annoy you and keep you awake so if you are a light sleeper a mesh dome is recomended. Occasionally there is also a presence of biting flies, some call them horse or marsh flies). The dome also lets you have a break from these if they are present during the day.

Camp Jatbula Trail © Peter Eve
Camp Jatbula Trail © Peter Eve

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