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Jatbula Trail Guide Book and Map

We are very excited to announce the arrival of EDITION #2 of the Jatbula Trail guide and A1 Map. The trail guide is beautiful and features trail notes, annotated maps, planning information, bird list, plant and animal information and great photos.... Read More

Transport to and from the Trail

Gecko Canoeing and Trekking provide a shuttle on a daily basis to and from the trail ends.  They try to coordinate it so that the shuttle is effectively utilised and aim to have walkers being back in Katherine for the... Read More

We would love to hear about your experiences on the JT (Comment here)

Please enter a comment on this Post to share your experiences:... Read More

Guiding the Jatbula Trail (a guides perspective)

I have had the pleasure of walking the Jatbula Trail for over 18 years and it still never ceases to bring me pleasure! Whether through inspiration, relaxation, amazement or good old sightings of wildlife, it constantly changes and provides a... Read More


Pete has a great selection of images available on his site. If you would like to buy a print click here.  ... Read More